The power of two

It's not that well known, but it's very true: The entire Town Talk kitchen team is composed of just two people.  Two. People. Total.

Some may look at this as crazy.  Some may look at this as impossible.  But everyday, these two figure out a way to not only get it done, but to get it done in a way that accomplishes the mission: underpromise, overdeliver.

Despite what others will think, Chefs Kacey and Charles believe that being so hands on is the key to maintaining the brand, as nobody can possibly know the brand better than these two; after all they created it.

Neither Chef believes in culinary secrets.  Their approach is simple: Start with the best product you can possibly find, and apply the cooking technique the very best way you know how.  Doing this means sourcing the best and most seasonal produce, utilizing entire organically raised animals, and working with quality hands on purveyors that deliver the best. Every time. Every day.

"Whimsy is serious business."  "Put great effort into what comes naturally."  "Work really hard at it, so it doesn't seem like it was hard work."  These are words you hear everyday in the TT kitchen.  These are the building blocks that create the foundation of the restaurant they want to share with you.

So when you are here, either enjoying a quick bite or dining with friends, know that every bite was prepared, cooked, plated and eventually cleaned up by two people who are absolutely committed to your entire experience.  Truth be told, if it were up to them, you would never know - you would simply enjoy.


Kacey White and charles stotts


clockwise from top: Charles, Jari, Kacey, Beezer and Sydney

clockwise from top: Charles, Jari, Kacey, Beezer and Sydney